Monday, March 25, 2013

REVIEW: Homework - 13 Towers

I've been out of school for a good while, but lately Homework has been on my schedule.  Moreover, I confess that I quite like Homework!  No, I haven't gone bonkers -- I'm not talking about term papers or science projects.  I'm talking about an electro-rock band from Edinburgh.  And as long as were cautioning against jumping to conclusions, don't assume that a band relying on synths, bass, percussion and laptops (as well as some guitar) doesn't have a rock attitude.  On their new album, 13 Towers, these young Scots pump out dirty dance grooves, dark soundscapes and an extra-credit dose of hooks.

There are touches of Kraftwork and Bauhaus here, but what most characterizes, and personalizes, the 12 tracks on 13 Towers is the propulsive beat and jittery atmosphere of the music.  This is electronic rock that commands your attention from start to finish.

"It's All Over", made for the dance floor with a menacing tone and a decided Scottish accent --

Homework is Oi Kass (vocals, guitar, synths, programming), Ross Baird (guitar, synths, backing vocals), Richard Kass (drums, laptop), and Ally Dennis (bass, backing vocals).  13 Towers is out today on Home From Home Records.  The album is available on CD and as a digital download.


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