Monday, March 11, 2013

New Finnish Pop/Rock Discovery: Matti Jasu - "Piano Ambush"

Here's an absolutely joyful piece of piano-based rock music from Matti Jasu, our latest correspondent from Finland. His band is called Matti Jasu and the Loose Train. And there's a charming looseness to this song, which he says was recorded without overdubs:

Here's one with vocals - "Fingers Crossed". They've got a nice power pop sound:

Finally, a free download of the first advance single - "The New Year":

I'm impressed and looking forward to hearing the album, Pin On The Map, due out soon.

Matti Jasu website

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Frank Fahey said...

This is fun and good. Major 60's SF vibe with a tip of the hat to Graham Nash (maybe a little Marty Bailin) with a nice does of Neil Young fuzz. I am sure the guitarist has Neil's catalog down cold. It is definitely a buy it.