Thursday, March 7, 2013

REVIEW: Caitlin Rose - The Stand-In

There are two aspects of The Stand-In that affirm that Caitlin Rose is a star.  The most obvious is the vocal performance.  She has a gorgeous voice, possessed of range, flexibility and nuance.  Whether belting a country rock-style anthem (as in "No One to Call", below), or squeezing tears in a more traditional song such as "I Was Cruel" (also below), the listener is assured that Rose has full command of the material.  And her instincts for when to be shy, flirtatious or aggressive are as good as her ability to sell the emotion to the listener.

The less obvious aspect is the quality of her songwriting.  For a woman in her mid-twenties composing for her sophomore album, this is an impressive set of tunes.  The compositional mid-point seems to be mainstream country with a pop lean, but Rose's talent with a melody, willingness to play at the edges of the genre, and wit and incision in framing a story result in a satisfying listen from start to finish.

In my mind there is little doubt that this Nashville kid can rise to the top of the country music scene.  And whether she also becomes a crossover star is down more to her own desires, because the talent is evident.  Treat yourself to country guilty pleasure with The Stand-In.

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