Monday, March 4, 2013

Introducing: Casual Sex, and upcoming single "Stroh 80"

We here at When You Motor Away are endorsing Casual Sex.  I understand that such a position (you had to figure we'd work positions, and figures, into the discussion) may seem irresponsible to you.  But we like the sounds of Casual Sex, the rhythms of Casual Sex.  Frankly, the entire attitude surrounding Casual Sex has us, well, a bit excited.

But enough about us - Casual Sex is a Glasgow four-piece consisting of Sam, Ed, Pete, and Chris.  They deliver high-quality post-punk pop that may remind you of Edwyn Collins.  They are releasing a 7" single (vinyl and digital download) titled "Stroh 80" on the Moshi Moshi Singles Club on April 1.  I've seen "angular sleaze" used as a description.  I understand where the tag is coming from, but I think it may fail to capture how irresistible these guys sound.

Twitter ( @CasualSexBand )

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