Thursday, March 7, 2013

Return of the Dogg

It's official - 60's and 70's outsider soul icon Swamp Dogg is back.  Far more than a novelty act, his combination of soul, funk and rock wears very well over  40 years later  His return was first reviewed here:  Swamp Dogg is off the leash.   This week Alive Natural Sound Records release Swamp Dogg's first two recordings - "Total Destruction To Your Mind" (1970) and "Rat On" (1971.)

Both are available on vinyl or CD.  Get your Dogg on and check it out.  Find out what George Clinton
meant when he said "Must be the Dogg in me." Take him for a walk and find your inner Dogg.


Edoc said...

Love the Dogg!

Edoc said...