Monday, March 18, 2013

Introducing: Royal Headache

I have a royal headache over the fact that I missed the January 2011 release (2012 in the US) of Royal Headache from Sydney punk/garage band Royal Headache.  These guys are shockingly good.  They play fast and loud, like a good garage punk band should, and they play well, like a bad we feature here should.  And they are further distinguished from the crowd by the soul-like stylings of their lead vocalist, Shogun.  The other members of the band are Law (guitar), Joe (bass) and Shortt (drums).

Royal Headache was recorded by Mikey Young (who also recorded the great Dick Diver album we reviewed last week).  It was released by R.I.P. Society in Australia and What's Your Rupture? in the United States.

There is a '60s retro feel to this one --

Band camp

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