Friday, March 8, 2013

"Flexin", new single from Masters in France

Globalization! You can't fight it, so you just have to go along with it.  For example, the Masters in France may or may not be masters, but they aren't French.  I'm advised that they are Welsh, but they aren't in Wales either.  They are in London.  Pay attention, I may have a quiz at the end of the post.

So why are we focusing on this apparently cosmopolitan assemblage?  Because they have just dropped "Flexin", and "Flexin" is likely to get you in your groove for the weekend. Or the week. Or the month. It is a pop dance groove with enough of a dirty riff to make you feel the sweat is worth it.

If you prefer the video --

To reward you for reading, we'll skip the quiz.  Just dance to "Flexin".  And don't step on my feet.

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