Thursday, March 7, 2013

Destroy This Place - advance single "Defeated" from upcoming S/T album (due 5/14)

Destroy This Place is aptly named. Their guitar attack is ferocious.The band consists of vocalists/guitarists Ryan Allen and John Nelson, bassist Monday Busque and drummer Sean Sommer. They're based in Detroit, but they don't hew to the hard blues/rock sound that is prevalent among some of the artists we encounter from the area. They do rock hard, but they do a lot more with the wah pedal and other guitar effects. The music is more melodic than I am probably making it sound -- you should listen for yourself.

Here's "Defeated":

And here's another song, "Graves":

The album is due out in May, and we'll have more to say before then... for now, enjoy these two songs.

Destroy This Place Website

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