Tuesday, March 26, 2013

REVIEW: The Cyclist - Bones in Motion

I fully expect that those who apply labels to music will tend to call Bones in Motion by The Cyclist electronic dance music.  In fact, I've applied similar labels in preparing the post.  But I assure you that such tags are inadequate to capture the artful experimentation, subtlety and range that Northern Ireland producer Andrew Morrison, aka The Cyclist, infuses in his music.

Building off a throbbing house beat, Morrison blows up the genre with dazzling combinations of analog haze, warmth, soul, and tastefully chosen samples.  The beats break off, the sound dissolves and hisses, then extends into an extended trance.  House can be played straight, or played ironically, but it takes admirable vision to find new corners of the genre and turn out a sincere and exciting interpretation for current audiences.

The title track, "Bones in Motion" and "CAN" are firmly in the dance groove --

And here is the gloriously quirky "Mangel" --

Bones in Motion is available today, March 26, on Leaving Records.

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