Tuesday, March 5, 2013

REVIEW: Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls

I was first introduced to Golden Grrrls, a Glasgow/London collaboration, on one of the several Scottish music sites I stalk read regularly.  I was completely enthralled by the gift for melody, hints of punk toughness offset by three-part harmonies, and the way that some ragged edges were left hanging when the song was stitched together.  I was reminded of The Feelies, the classic Dunedin bands such as The Clean, and some of my favorites from Olympia's K Records.  Or perhaps it was the tempo and impish attitude of the Vaselines merged with the fuzz and harmony of the Pastels.  Whatever, it made an impression and I happily collected some early releases.  I also wondered what the backing of a label and the ability to record a full album might mean for their sound.  I need wonder no more, because Golden Grrrls is being released by Slumberland Records (in the US and Canada) and Night School (Europe).   And the verdict is -- Golden Grrrls remain golden.  Only more so.

From the opening notes of "New Pop" to the final strains of the fantastic album closer "We've Got ..." the listener's ears are treated to delightful girl/boy vocal interplay and enough hooks to sate your ears for the week.   Here is the second track, "Past Tense" --

The DNA of this band seems to be to be a healthy mix of Glasgow, Dunedin,  Australia and the Pacific Northwest.  And they understand the essential nature of what they do -- a rushing burst of gorgeous sound, ending a few minutes in (only one song breaks three minutes) and leaving you gasping for more.

There have been a number of very good albums this year, and there will be many more.  But this album is near the top for me, and is likely to hang in near the top.  And that is especially impressive for a debut.

Golden Grrrls are Ruari MacLean (guitar/vocals), Eilidh Rodgers (drums/vocals), and Rachel Aggs (guitar/vocals).  Kate Manning (keys) and Lorna Gilfedder (guitar/bass/keys/vocals) are former members.  They begin a US tour on March 20.


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