Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing: Rocketswan

We have another gem from Singapore today - the five piece of Rocketswan (pictured above with the fine people from Lost Weekend, who were profiled here a few weeks ago).  I love the retro sound of this group, and I wish there was more of their music to share with you.  Try it out with "Montecristo", a tune that will conjure summer days floating on a boat with nothing pressing on your schedule.

Rocketswan is Rachael Goh, Victor Tong, Seah Wei Ping, Brian Wong and Jordan Skadiang.  You can stream/buy their EP, My Name is Abel, How Do You Do, below --

And a tip of the old When You Motor Away motoring cap to Keith Tan for alerting us to the existence of Rocketswan.


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