Monday, March 25, 2013

REVIEW: The Fireworks - The Fireworks EP

Pop melodies, boy-girl vocals, guitar fuzz and feedback, The Fireworks EP will remind you of the days of C86 bands like The Razorcuts and The Flatmates, and the more pop shaded work of The Jesus and Mary Chain.  The EP is comprised of four tracks, the first three of which are classic, fast tempo C86 guitar pop.  The fourth is gentle, melancholy "unplugged" song and provides a fitting close to the album.  All of the songs display a great pop sensibility, great vocals, and a promise of good things to come.

Here is the opening track --

The Fireworks are Matthew (of Big Pink Cake) on guitar and vocals, Emma (from Pocketbooks) on tambourine and vocals, Isabel (of Things in Herds) on bass, and Shaun (of the Wedding Present) on drums.  The band was founded after friends reacted favorably to songs Matthew wrote and sang to friends over the telephone.

The Fireworks EP is available from Shelflife Records as a physical 7" or digital download.  You may stream it at the Bandcamp link below.

Shelflife Records

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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the review! It's actually Carys who plays on the single, I've joined since... Shaun