Friday, May 21, 2021

Pink Chameleons - Peace & Love

Today we get another fine indie rock album from Finland. The title of the album is Peace & Love, and the band is Pink Chameleons. Just as chameleons can change their hue to match their environment, this Helsinki three-piece adeptly changes genres to match the songwriter's desired mode of expression. Paul McCartney's Wings album was an inspiration for this album specifically because the former Beatle tackled multiple genres. Based on the evidence, Pink Chameleon's ambition has been rewarded with a fine and varied set of songs. In my opinion, "Spacedog" is a perfect update of '60s garage rock/psychedelic nuggets genre. "Slow Me" seems to channel '70s guitar hero psychedelic rock, while "Horsewalk" lets the band give free rein to their country stylings. I also am particularly fond of the robust, but more guitar pop-leaning closer, "Rainy Days", and its twin sibling "Hot Dog". Variety is good, and Peace & Love is very entertaining variety.

Pink Chameleons are Paltsa-Kai Salama (vocals/guitar/keys/songwriter), Antti Sauli (bass), and Kimmo Godtfredsen (drums/percussion). Backing vocals on certain tracks were provided by Tytti Roto ("Run and Hide") and Joni Seppanen ("Hot Dog"). Sax on "Pink Crush" and "Slow Me" was played by Jussi Hurskainen. Peace & Love is out today via Helsinki's Soliti Music.


Bandcamp for Peace & Love


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