Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"Chinese Medicine" by Quivers


I really can''t shake my obsession with Melbourne-based Quivers, although truth be told I can't see any reason to try. Anyone who has paid attention to their releases so far presumably understands my view, and new single "Chinese Medicine" will only enhance appreciation of the band's melancholic but warm melodies and jangling arrangements. The video accompanying the release of the single is the work of Jordan Thompson of Melbourne bands The Ocean Party and Pop Filter.

Quivers are Sam Nicholson, Bella Quinlan, Michael Panton, and Holly Thomas. Golden Doubt will be released on June 11 via Spunk Records (Australia/NZ), Bobo Integral (Europe), and Ba Da Bing (North America/UK).



Bandcamp for "Chinese Medicine"

Bandcamp for Golden Doubt

Various links to pre-order Golden Doubt

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