Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Lionel Boy - Lionel Boy

 The self-titled debut album by Lionel Boy is a highly satisfying mix of dream pop and chill, down-tempo grooves. It is a versatile soundtrack for driving to the beach, chilling at the beach, or sitting on your deck under the stars after a day at the beach. We previously shared "Flower Girl" and "Kam Highway", the songs that cemented our desire to hear the entire album. So we are providing you with three more tracks below. We think those five songs display the artist's pop sensibilities and innate chill vibe. It is a winning combination for your summer playlist.

Lionel Boy is Hawaii native, Long Beach resident, Lionel Deguzman. He previously was half of indie pop band Tigers in the Sky. Lionel Boy is out now via Innovative Leisure.




Bandcamp for album

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