Monday, May 10, 2021

"Made of Moods" by Massage

Monday is a day to be bold, so I will say right now that Still Life, the upcoming album by California's Massage, will be one of the top ten indie pop albums this year. Yes, I know the year doesn't end for a long time and many releases are scheduled before then, but I have a feeling about this one. As the album will not be released until next month, this is just your introduction to the latest single, "Made of Moods". Irrepressibly upbeat with a breezy springtime feeling, I may just make it my first song of the day for the entire month.

Your preferred source for Still Life and the singles depends on your continent: Bob Integral in Europe, Mt.St.Mtn. in North America and Tear Jerk in Australia.

Massage are Alex Naidus, Andrew Romano, Gabi Ferrer, Natalie de Almeida, and David Rager, four of whom were members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.



Bandcamp for "Made Of Moods"

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