Sunday, May 9, 2021

Jazmine Mary - The Licking Of A Tangerine


Some days are fast, and some days are slow. Due to a current (and, I hope, temporary) injury, this Sunday is a slow day. Thus, it is a perfect time to brew my best coffee beans, settle in near the fireplace, and cue up some music appropriate for the moment. The selected album is The Licking Of A Tangerine, a February release by Jazmine Mary. The project of New Zealand-based Australian singer-songwriter Jazmine Rose Phillips who formerly performed as Him, she crafts enchanting and somewhat darkly-shaded songs that combine folk and dream pop sensibilities. Her voice is remarkable and dynamic, and her delivery is impeccable. The songs unspool leisurely at, well, a perfect Sunday morning pace.  All in all, a fine debut album that is starting our day on good notes, and we are interested in what Jazmine Mary may have for us in the future.

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