Thursday, May 27, 2021

"Dogshot" by Skydeck

"Dogshot" is the new single by Melbourne duo Skydeck. The title is Australian sports slang for a late hit when the recipient is distracted or looking in another direction. The song is not about sports, but the title is apt for the actual theme, which is the exploitation of people in the gig economy. The song has a thumping, aggressive beat and angular guitar accents resulting in a cynical, angry vibe.

In conjunction with the release of "Dogshot", Skydeck has announced the August 27 release of new album Coupon. The album will be available in digital and vinyl versions via Dinosaur City Records, Osborne Again, and Kingfisher Bluez (North America).

Skydeck is Dominic Kearton (Pregnancy/Dom Roff) and Mitchum Clemens (Ciggie Witch/Shark Alarm). Their 2019 debut album Eureka Moment was nominated for the Australian Music Prize.

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