Sunday, May 23, 2021

“Losing Control” by Poolside

Poolside is LA-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Paradise, and he has dubbed this music "daytime disco". I call it delightful, and am enjoying diving into his ouvre - a bounty of originals and remixes, including remixes of tracks by artists as diverse as Billy Idol and Jack Johnson. It's great stuff for walking in the sun or driving in the car on a nice day, or hanging out and imagining either of those activities. His latest is a collaboration with a German house music producer named Satin Jackets, a song called "Losing Control:


Here's another previously-released track from the new album High Season, "Around the Sun":

And a third, “I’m in Love With You”, with Neal Frances:
Delightful stuff that will improve your summer playlist. The album will be released this week (5/28) - you can pre-order, check out more songs and learn more at his website.

Poolside Music website

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