Thursday, May 27, 2021

KAPUTT - "Movement Now" / "Another War Talk"


Some bands just have charisma, and Kaputt is one of those bands for me. With the staccato rhythms, wiry guitars and you-can't-ignore-us volume, the music is in the listener's face. But the hooks, hypnotic vocals, sharp lyrical content and, of course, the sax, wrap it all up in a compelling, thrilling package. The Glasgow band's latest offering is two-song single "Movement Now"/"Another War Talk", and it is just as described. Manic energy that begs you to leave your comfortable sofa to see them live, and good music that rewards the effort. Punk? Art Rock? No-Wave"? Perhaps No-Wave Art Punk. But whatever, it is good and as the lyrics say -- I want more.

Kaputt are Cal Donnelly (guitar/vocals), Curtis Halling (guitar), Chrissy Barnacle (vocals/sax), Tobias Carmichael (bass), Rikki Will (drums), and Emma Smith (percussion). "Movement Now" / "Another War Talk" is out now via Upset The Rhythm, available in vinyl or 'name your price' digital download.



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