Saturday, May 8, 2021

"Heartbeats of my Son" by Dawn-Song

Dawn-Song is musician Nick Evans. His latest work is For Morgan, and it will be released later this month. The album consists of songs he has written and recorded in recent years, some of which are collaborations with other artists. I think that Nick's own description of his motivation for recording the songs is more poignant that anything I could write, so here it is:

I made an album of my songs with some wonderful collaborators over the last couple of years.
When I’m gone I wanted to continue to be able to sing for my son Morgan if he needed me.
My father published a small book of poetry before he died and if I’m missing him a lot I read a bit of it and I feel reconnected.

The video below is for album track "Heartbeats Of A Son" and is intended to depict Nick's young song experiencing his new world through his own eyes. 

For Morgan is due May 28 via Ffynnone Recordings and can be steamed and ordered at the Bandcamp link below.


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