Friday, May 7, 2021

“(Nothing You Can Do) To End This Love” by Split Single

Split Single is the rock band with a somewhat rotating membership anchored by singer and songwriter Jason Narducy. Jon Wurster is on drums, as he was on the first Split Single album Metal Frames, but on bass and (I assume from the angelic nature of them) harmony vocals is Mike Mills. 

But it's Narducy on lead vocals and all guitars who is leading the show, and he's on fire. This song is a sort of blast of indignation at the people who still have a problem with, as Narducy puts it, "diverse couples".

Who do you worship 
That tells you to aim your clip 
 at rainbows of love 

 She loves her and he loves him 
 There’s nothing you can do to end this love 

This is a great rock song, hard, fast and melodic. Wurster's drumming is fantastic; his fills are fast and on the button, and of course Mills supplies an energetic bass to underpin the fast guitars and he also brings those harmony vocals, the ones that made arenas full of R.E.M. fans sing along for the last 30 years or so. The single is out now, available on their Bandcamp site. The full album, Amplificado, is due out June 25.

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