Wednesday, April 17, 2013

REVIEW: Sound 'n' Pressure Story (various artists)

Turn off your phone, block out some time on your calendar and grab your headphones.  It is time to experience the Sound 'n' Pressure Story.  Even without knowing the history, this album is a treat simply for the aural pleasure provided by these stellar digital roots and dub tracks.  The production is crisp and the bass bottomless.  But I think you'll appreciate the collection even more when you realize that these tracks have been hotly sought for some time, and have never before been so available.

The tracks on the Sound 'n' Pressure Story emerged from the digital dub movement in Britain that began in the late '80s.  The instigator was DJ Anthony Cummins (also credited as TC Bassman, Tony C and TC Montana), joined by friends and reggae fans Mark Evans (Suffurah) Adam Holden (Fish) and Hamish Brown (All Nation Rocker).  They released four 12" singles, and had a fifth ready to go when the project ground to a halt due to lack of funds and other distractions.

This compilation includes all the finished tracks from the label, the dub plate "No Man Curse" and its dub version, and a song Tony wrote for a movie soundtrack -- "Theme From 'Move The Posts'".  All the tracks have been remastered and the sound quality is superb.   I've included a few of my favorite tracks to provide you with a sample of the quality.  You also can stream the album at the Bandcamp link below.  As I've written before about Reggae Archive Records, they have great taste and provide excellent music that you just cannot find elsewhere.  It doesn't matter whether you had been familiar with this period of UK reggae, if you like dub roots reggae, this compilation is essential.

The album was released on March 11, 2013 in CD, vinyl and digital formats by Reggae Archive Records.  Use either of the links below.

Reggae Archive Records

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