Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post - Cavalcade

Yes, I know that we wrote about Cavalcade, the debut LP from POST last December (link).  But POST officially launched the album Friday at Glasgow's Nice N Sleazy, so we're taking the opportunity to again bring it to your attention.  Why? First, it is that good.  Dance rock, post punk, power pop, thick bass, exciting guitar lines and other goodness packed into seven tracks.  Second, it is available on Bandcamp for "name your price".  Third, this Glasgow/Manchester three-piece consists of good people and and they hang out with a good bunch of musicians who strive to keep the arts alive -- the We Can Still Picnic collective that includes Wake the President and Casual Sex.

The album opener --

"New Play Thing" screams 'hit dance single' --

By the time the album gets to track four, "New Built Fears Love", any label scout worth his PBR should be texting his boss.

POST is Graham Wann, Craig Forbes and Adam Florence.

You can stream the Cavalcade at Bandcamp, but our advice is to hit the "buy" button and lay a little love on POST.


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Edoc said...

Quite a Lloyd Cole vibe here, which is a plus in my book.