Friday, April 19, 2013

New EP from September Girls

As we follow Dublin's September Girls from label to label, writing about each tasty slice of fuzzy guitar pop, the ladies might suspect that we are stalking them.  Let me put that little matter to rest -- we are stalking them (just enter their name in the site search box, and the evidence is striking).  But only in a music journalistic sense, not a creepy sense.  And we have a zero phone hacking policy (at least until our IT department stops playing video games and does some work).

The latest installment is the two-track Talking EP, released April 22 on Cork City's Art For Blind label.  It is available on vinyl with a download code.  The A-side is an organ driven garage tune, while the B-side is a hooky pop-oriented song.  Which is best?  You don't have to choose.

Bandcamp link for EP

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