Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quick Update: Camper Van Beethoven (new vid and tour)

2013 is proving to be the year of the long awaited (for me at least) Camper Van Beethoven resurgence. They were always ahead of their time so I suppose this makes perfect sense.

Camper released a new video this week of one of the best songs on their fine new CD La Costa Perdida, which we reviewed here in January.

The video reflects the creative spark and skewed eye for life's strange little corners which have long made this band such a joy - e.g. factories on the beach (really, did they have to put it there?), violin playing under palm trees, and the greatest of all Americana - driving on the freeway very fast. And the song "Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out" is psychedelic and beautiful.

Camper Van Beethoven have also announced more tour dates. I saw this show recently in Portland and it was a joy ride. I've been seeing this band for nearly 30 years and spent most of the night grinning from ear to ear (except at those moments where I was muscling past the bearded young hipsters half my age to quickly get another drink at the bar).

I know we have a lot of readers in Chicago, Glasgow and London, so WYMA Nation -- get your tickets now:

May 9--The Firebird--St. Louis, Missouri
May 10--The Cubby Bear--Chicago, Illinois
May 11--Majestic Theatre--Madison, Wisconsin
May 12--The Intersection--Grand Rapids, Michigan
May 16--State Theatre--Falls Church, Virginia
May 29--Dingwalls--London, England
May 30--The Haunt--Brighton, England
May 31--Deaf Institute--Manchester, England
June 1--King Tut's--Glasgow, Scotland
June 2--Musikbunker--Aachen, Germany
June 3--Brotfabrik--Frankfurt, Germany
June 5--Chelsea--Vienna, Austria
June 6--Feierwerk--Munich, Germany
June 7--The Palace--St. Gallen, Switzerland
June 8--Museumskeller--Erfurt, Germany
June 9--Privatclub--Berlin, Germany
June 10--Nachtasyl--Hamburg, Germany
June 14--The Bluebird Theatre--Denver, Colorado
June 19--Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk--Santa Cruz, California

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