Thursday, April 11, 2013

LOVE COP - Eat Yr Heart Out and Love/Cop

Sweet, jangly and super, super lo-fi, Portland's LOVE COP is Duffy Rongiiland & Phil Salina. Phil's affiliated with the label Gnar Tapes (Scott and I have both featured Gnar artists previously, happily so). Their latest release (March 2) is Eat Yr Heart Out., pretty quickly following on the heels of their January release Love/Cop.

Check out the "Spector Wall of Sound" - meets - "Dracula Lo-Fi Vocals" sound of "Kill Yr Boyfriend":

When it comes to the four P's, LOVE COP is hitting on at least 3 of them. Well, only three of them. In no universe that I'm aware of could this be considered prog. But pop, punk and psych, hell yes. And if you want, feel free to substitute a fourth "P" - with song titles "Gettin' High In the Graveyard" and "I Wanna Get Baked (With a Baker)" I'll let you come up with the three-letter word.

As a bonus, check out the Bauhaus-influenced "He Said" (video) and a free download of their drone-y cover of Jeff The Brotherhood's "Bummer" from their January release Love/Cop:

Buy at Gnar Tapes. Cassettes and downloads available.

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