Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Power-Pop Discovery: The Almighty Rhombus - The Almighty Rhombus EP

The Almighty Rhombus is a Canadian power-pop group from Sudbury, Ontario, but they play music that makes you think of warmer places - or at least warmer times. This five-song self-titled EP is pure pop, catchy and very enjoyable. Here's "She Didn't Want Me" - a happy video full of sausages and face-plants to accompany a super-poppy song:

And here's "Even Though" - a little more upbeat, bouncier:

They've made the EP available for "name your price" at Bandcamp for the next few days, I'd advise grabbing a copy while the price is so reasonable. 

Here's another video for a song from a previous release, "Standoff" - love the interplay between the piano and the guitar riffs starting about 1:30 in:

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