Thursday, April 25, 2013

(Earmuffs, kids) New Fuzz Rock Discovery - Fuck Mountain - The Mountain Strikes Back EP

From Dublin comes (hey, kids, earmuffs!) Fuck Mountain. This is super-noisy distorted guitar rock that really hits the right spot when you're looking for something loud, angry and without pretense. Featuring great drumming, fuzzed-out guitars and vocals that rise and fall in the mix, I'd say this is recommended if you're a fan of Dinosaur Jr., especially early Dinosaur Jr. Check out "Snow Day" and be sure to stick around for the guitar solo about 3:00 in:

The second cut on the EP, "No Shame", is a little bit janglier. A little bit. Still plenty of distortion and pure punk vocals, though:

As a bonus, here's a video they released last year for "Central American Man":

This music is delightful, and the band name is so inspired I can't believe nobody else has thought of it before. They have two EP's available if you click through to their Bandcamp above, and promise there is more to come. The sooner the better...

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