Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New NYC Psychedelic Rock Discovery: Alphabet Mannerisms - "Sicko" from s/t EP

If you look fondly back on the Pink Floyd with Syd in it (yes, I'm kind of talking to you Scott), you owe it to yourself to check out Alphabet Mannerisms., a project of NYC-based singer/songwriter Michael Lubars.  This is some pretty amazing psychedelic rock, and for now they're giving away a 3-song (self-titled) EP. First track is "Indigo":

Love the piano on the beat, the acoustic/electric guitars and the treated vocals. I like everything about this song. And here's "Sicko" - they made a video for it:

There's only one more song - oh, what the heck, check it out too (but definitely head over to the Bandcamp page and download it - maybe give 'em a little something for the effort):

When a band releases a 3-song EP and each song becomes your favorite, depending on which one you happen to be listening to at the moment, that's a really good sign. Go get this and hopefully they'll make more.

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