Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Guided by Voices singles: "Noble Insect", "Waves of Gray" and "See You Soon"

Guided by Voices has released the fifth single from English Little League -- "Noble Insect" is a hypnotic Pollard vocal (repeating a mantra "Japan" and variations thereon) over a similarly hypnotic and sort of creamy Sprout instrumental. The result is, predictably, hypnotic. 

In keeping with the other singles in this series, Tobin's got billing just about equal to Pollard - on this one the Sprout number is a pretty piano song: "Waves of Gray".

Finally, there's a Pollard 1:30 nugget - raw, featuring piano and vocals that are lovingly "messed-with" rather than polished. The song's called "See You Soon" - a fitting title from our hero, who's finally going to unleash the entirety of English Little League on the world April 30. 

Can't hardly wait. I'm not sure which is the greater pleasure: getting five singles (plus B-sides) in advance of the record, or the anticipation itself...

Buy at GBV Digital or iTunes, you know where that is.

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