Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kids on a Crime Spree: New single "Creep the Creeps"

The quality of Mario Hernandez's pop sensibilities are, in my opinion, without question.  He laid a claim with previous projects Ciao Bell and From Bubblegum To Sky).  In the early '00s he was inspired to combine the melodic, lushly arranged approach of Phil Spector pop hits with the fuzz, noise and distortion that has been part of proto-punk and garage for the past 50 years..  The result is Kids on a Crime Spree -- an update of the '60s sound, recorded in analog.  The results were on display on the well-received 2011 LP We Love You So Bad.

The Kids are back with today's release of the two-track single "Creep the Creeps" on Slumberland Records.  The record consists of the title track and "New Ex-Boyfriend".  "Creep the Creeps" features handclaps and Spectorish riffs and vocals.  The B-side has a racing tempo and surf guitar accents.  These two tracks make an excellent case for collecting music in the form of singles.

Kids on a Crime Spree are Mario Hernandez, Bill Evans (guitar) and Becky Barron (drums).  They are based in San Francisco.

Slumberland Records

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