Friday, April 19, 2013

Crystal Shipsss - Crystal Shipsss EP

Crystal Shipsss is the project of Berlin based Dane Jacob Faurholt.  The music is charming idiosyncratic noise pop and psychedelia, and it is embodied in his new, five-track self-titled EP.  The first track is the poppy "Where the Wild Things Are" (You Tube below).  "Crushing Like A Skull" slows the tempo and takes the listener to the more psychedelic side.  We head back into noise pop territory for the fine third song, "Listening to Devil Town", which is available for streaming below.

Track four is the lovely "Dusty Vinyls".  The EP closes strong with "Night of the Creeps", my favorite song on the record.

Jacob is assisted by William Kudahl Sørensen and Evelyn Marie Malinowski.  The Crystal Shipsss EP is available on May 6 via Three Ring Records in the US and Raw Onion Records and Mouca in Europe.

Jacob previously released two records, one a 10" vinyl/digital and the other a in the cassette/digital format.  You can try "Un Huh" from a previous release here --

An LP entitled Dirty Dancer is planned for September release.

Three Ring Records
Raw Onion Records

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