Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Garage Punk Discovery: Eight Knives - Maiden Names

If you're familiar with the music in Nashville and Memphis, you're aware that there are terrific garage rock/punk bands in both cities. For your information, it's statewide... Here's some hard rocking garage punk from Chattanooga's Eight Knives. They've recently released their debut album Maiden Names - it's available at iTunes and you can listen to the streams on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, with a vinyl release scheduled for sometime in May. For now, you can download the single "Levels & Lovers" for free. Here's a video of them performing it live:

And here's the track, with the download option:

Here's one of my favorite cuts, "Tokyo Poison" - the right combination of punk energy, blues-rock swagger and the added touch of a lilting ska rhythm:

This is really terrific stuff - recorded in Nashville at Battle Tapes Recording. And one last thing: if you like this music and would like to see them on the bill at Bonnaroo, you can actually help make that happen. Go to this link and vote: Eight Knives Bonnaroo Vote. Power to the people.

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