Monday, April 29, 2013

REVIEW: Rollin Hunt - The Phoney

Rollin Hunt has made an album that is easy to like, but a bit difficult to categorize.  Although Hunt earned his reputation as a lo-fi wunderkind, on The Phoney he teams with producer and multi-instrumentalist Doni Schroader to shape a wide scope hi-fi version of his musical vision.  The boys take soul and pop starting point, and then warp it through dream pop and experimental electronic frolics and samples.  It is unpredictable, but never jarring.   And the satisfaction for the listener comes from both the delightful sounds and the joy of being surprised.

The Phoney is available April 30 in digital and on CD and vinyl from Moniker Records, and can be ordered via Moniker's Bandcamp page (linked below).

Moniker Records
Moniker Records' Bandcamp

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