Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Nuggets "tack-on" post: Roky Erickson - "Goodbye Sweet Dreams"

I'm sure JD won't mind if I take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on another bit of Roky's work. In 2010, the Texas rock band Okkervil River teamed up with Erickson to release True Love Cast Out All Evil. It remains a true revelation. I thank JD for bringing him to our collective consciousness this week, and I urge any of you who don't have this record to at least go give a listen:

And I just love Roky's take on this song:

And here is a link to Okkervil River leader Will Sheff's website, with a post from December 2012 featuring more information about the long, sad tale.

You ought to buy this record.


Jim Desmond said...

Thanks John for a fine tack on!
Roky lives. For real, which is no small miracle.

Jim Desmond said...

p.s. that Will Sheff piece is really good.

Edoc said...

Great post. I love that record, and I'm grateful that Roky was able to come back from the brink to make something so beautiful.