Sunday, April 14, 2013

New NYC Punk Discovery: Pedico - "Nixon Now"

If you like punk rock, you will love the music of Pedico - fast, loud and melodic, it embodies the best qualities of the punk/surf/beach aesthetic you will remember from all-time great punk rockers like The Ramones. It's built on some terrific drumming - especially on the first two tracks - fast guitars and tight vocal harmonies, and these guys do the loud, fast punk thing quite well.

Here's "Nixon Now", which gets it done in 1:34. As Mama Ramone's boys once proved, if you can get it done in a minute or so, why hang around any longer?

And here's "Bachelor Pad" - for a change of pace, they spend a little time in the lo-fi grunge area (think Wavves, Ty Segall) before heading back to Ramones territory for the chorus:

This record is a freaking delight - get it now.

One more - a little out of season, maybe, but tell me you don't have room for a punk version of a Chuck Berry Christmas song.

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