Sunday, April 14, 2013

Introducing Deathcats!

Deathcats!  sounds like it could be a death metal band.  In fact, it appears to be three university students from in and around Glasgow who make rough and ready garage/surf rock songs.  There are hooks, melody, energy and a fair bit of focused noise.  In other words, they have a recipe that we are quite willing to consume.  I don't know if it is because they are dodging the landlord or it is a fashion statement, but they perform in balaclavas.  Deathcats! -- James, Harv and Scott -- expect to have an EP ready this summer.  Presumably, they also will have some summer weight balaclavas (perhaps in a nice seersucker fabric?).

The first three songs that Deathcats! wrote are enshrined in Shred or Dead!, which was released last October.  The songs are good, and they are free, so you might want to visit the Bandcamp link and become a cat owner.  If you want to try them first, here is track two, "I Know I Say I Love Being Single (But I Cry Myself To Sleep When I Think About You)" --


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