Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Art-Rock Discovery: Marie Avery - The Fire EP

Marie Avery's a very talented singer with a strong, clear voice playing an artful take on folk-rock. She's recently made available a 5-song EP called The Fire. Here's lead track "Heavy" - it starts slow, languid and fairly quiet, but then the sound swells in the chorus as she sort of stretches out the line "You weigh too heavy on my soul," while piano, strings and a haunting electric guitar play in the background. It's a beautiful piece of music:

And here's "Sailing" - which she's made available to download for free. Good piano on this one, and it's Avery playing it:

I think she's got a lot of musical talent, and this EP is a good showcase. The cover art, by the way, was done by Amber Edgar, who also plays guitar on part of this EP. And Avery supplies backing vocals on Edgar's record, too.

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