Friday, April 19, 2013

New Lo-Fi Synth Dreampop Discovery: The Tablets - "Vladimir" from The Tablets, due in June

The Tablets is a one-woman project of Liz Godoy, and it's both catchy and unusual. She incorporates a lot of familiar pop moves - the punk backbeat on some of the cuts, the fuzzy, sort of shoegaze guitar which almost (but not quite) overwhelms the vocals - but she approaches it from a slightly different angle, incorporating more synths and electronic beats than is usual in this type of dream pop. She's originally from Mexico (though a resident of Brooklyn now), and incorporates some Mexican dance/pop influences, too... It's a very interesting combination.

Check it out for yourself - here's a video of "Vladimir":

And here's the title track:

A new video is promised each week in April - and again, the album (with an accompanying live EP) is scheduled for June 4.

The Tablets Website

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