Monday, April 29, 2013

New song "A Heartbeat Behind" from Spectrals

Spectrals are Yorkshire-bred vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Louis Jones, his brother Will, and from time to time other musicians.  His debut album of northern soul flavored guitar pop was well received generally, and here.  I also caught the live act, and was impressed with the sound and the band's connection with the audience.  In advance of the summer release of Sob Story, their sophomore LP on Slumberland Records, Spectrals have shared one of the album's tracks, "A Heartbeat Behind".  The track has a roosty feel with a bit of a Big Star power pop swing to it.  The album was recorded in San Francisco under the direction of former Girls collaborator Chet JR White.  The results so far sound fantastic and I'm looking forward to this album.

"Milky Way" is another track that will be included on Sob Story --

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