Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Guitar Pop/Punk Discovery: Tullycraft - Lost In Light Rotation

Given that Tullycraft has existed in one form or another for nearly 20 years, you're welcome to scoff at my declaration of "discovery" - but I'm not lying. I was not familiar with Tullycraft and their punk-inflected, upbeat, poppy music and their tight vocal harmonies prior to receiving Lost In Light Rotation for consideration. It's been six years since their last release, and it appears the lineup has changed a bit, but I can say this lineup has got impeccable pop sensibilities, a strong sense of its unique musical style and chops to spare.

Example, here's the video for "Dig Up The Graves":

They set a brisk pace, and then seem to turn up the velocity even further on songs like "Wake Up, Wake Up" - the drums push the pace, and the guitars play fast and loose with the tension/release thing.

Here's the title track - kind of Apples in Stereo pop/punk pacing meets They Might Be Giants playfulness, again, with terrific musicianship:

The band's line-up includes Sean Tollefson, Jenny Mears, Chris Munford, Jeff Fell and Cori Hale. Tollefson's and Mears' vocals are terrific, whether they're trading leads or harmonizing, and there is some truly jaw-dropping guitar work throughout the record. My favorite song is probably album closer "Anacortes" - love the drumming on this one, and the chanting vaguely reminiscent of The Bay City Rollers' "Saturday Night" (there's that playfulness again) over the outro...

It's out on Magic Marker Records, or Fortuna Pop, today (April 23).

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