Wednesday, February 27, 2013

REVIEW: Cool Serbia - Cool Serbia EP

Those that know me well -- wife, bartender #1, parole officer, bartender #2, psychiatrist, bartender #3 -- are aware of my periodic funks about the demise of The Jesus and Mary Chain.  Well, I just received the biggest mental pick-up of the year when the self-titled EP from Cool Serbia hit my in-box.  Born in Austin, Texas from past members of Ringo Deathstarr, International Waters and Low Line Caller, and incubated in Brooklyn, the band features massively loud jangling guitars, walls of distortion, arena-level echoing drums, laid back vocals and enough '60s riffs to justify the term "doom wop".  Can anyone have any complaints? Anyone?  In fact, I have one: We could have used twice as many songs.  Thank God for the replay button.

Here is the second track from the EP, "Kill Someone" --

Cool Serbia are Raz Khandpur, Renan McFarland and Caleb Harmon.

A live version of the lead track --

The EP is available on March 5.  Check the pre-order link on their Facebook page or go to the Bandcamp page on or after that date.

Twitter ( @CoolSerbia )

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