Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Nuggets - "No Fun" The Stooges

Loyal readers of our former Friday feature The Soul Corner will recall my frequent forays into the great music city of Detroit. But Detroit isn't just the Chocolate City of soul. Not even Cleveland rocks like Detroit, so it's kind of amazing I've gone even a few weeks into this new Nuggets series without a stop in the Motor City.
Well we are fixing that right here right now with one of the legendary and certainly most influential garage / punk bands from anytime anywhere, the Stooges. Led by a fellow named Iggy Pop, perhaps you've heard the name.
We could go with a lot of their songs, and we reserve the right to come back to the Stooges in future Nuggets features, but none have a more primitive, badass garage rock sound than "No Fun":

"No Fun" was produced by John Cale, from their 1969 debut album The Stooges. It was the age of hippies and flower power, and this record just stomped on that pansy nonsense, killed it dead, Detroit style.
Rock and roll was never the same.  
Well come on, well come on, well come on!

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