Monday, February 18, 2013

New Pop/Punk Discovery: Bam! Bam! - Golden Haze 2 EP

From HHBTM Records, which brought us 2012 favorites like Eureka California and Sweater Girls, as well as one of 2013's early favorites Tunabunny and Joanna Gruesome comes California's Bam! Bam! with their new EP Golden Haze 2Sort of disaffected, yet charming girl harmony vocals and simple punk backbeats combine with different guitar sounds - insistent indie rock riffs on "Something Awful" and a punk buzzsaw approach on "Golden Haze Two":

The 7 inch brings you two songs on each side, including a kind of Richard Hell-or-Iggy-inspired Calvin Johnson guest vocal on "Medicine".

You can order the 7" vinyl disc at HHBTM Records. This one comes with a download code, too.

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