Thursday, February 21, 2013

REVIEW: Paperfangs - Past Perfect

Featuring charming keyboard-based dream pop tunes with evident craftsmanship and interesting textures, Past Perfect by Finland's Paperfangs is a debut LP worthy of note.  The tones are remarkably clear (of course, it is Scandinavian pop) and warm, with plenty of vibrato.  The vocals are conversational and intimate, with a male voice taking the lead and the female voice adding depth by softly chiming in from time to time.  It is about as perfect for late night headphones listening as any album I've heard in a long, long time.

"Bathe to Glory" is a previously released single from the album --

The songs on Past Perfect are loaded with hooks.  Not the big, telegraphed hooks that swallows the rest of the song, but rather the delicate hooks that when you hear the song for the second time, you think "yesssss, it is this song..."  Here is the band in a somewhat moodier vein.

Paperfangs are brother and sister Jyri and Tarleena, respectively, and their friend Mikko.  They previously released two EPs, AAVVAV in 2012 and ePop006 in 2010.  Past Perfect is their first release for Soliti Music.  Ten perfect nuggets of dream pop to get you through the last of the winter.  You owe it to yourself to investigate Past Perfect.

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