Thursday, February 7, 2013

New (Free) Garage Rock Discovery: Bill Times A Billion - Say It Nicer

Bill Times A Billion is a Buffalo, NY-based duo playing garage rock with endearing simplicity and female vocals that kind of remind me of His Name Is Alive. Their EP Say It Nicer is out now (released Jan. 7) and currently they are giving it away at Bandcamp, so it's not like you need me to spend a lot of time describing it - you can check it out for yourself at your leisure.

Perhaps the most endearing part is their taste in covers: Tommy James & The Shondells is a good one, as is "Bring It On Home" (the Sam Cooke one, not the Led Zeppelin), but better yet is "Motor Away". The name of our blog made them reach out to us, and good thing:

So, the lesson here, garage bands, is that Guided by Voices is a sure way to a bright future.

Bill Times A Billion Website

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