Wednesday, February 27, 2013

REVIEW: Wimps - Repeat

It is time to introduce the readers of WYMA to Seattle's punk secret: Wimps.  I have wanted to to this before, but now the time is right because I don't have to rely on describing live shows, bootlegs or the old five-track demo collection.  The evidence is available to all on the bands' new LP, Repeat, which is out now on End of Time Records.   The songs do not require deconstruction or exhaustive search for hidden meaning.  This is straight-up, sincere punk.  Brief, loud, fast and full-bore punk.   Punk delivered with enough pop sensibilities to keep the themes from grinding you down (song titles include "Stop Having Fun", "Hello Frustration", and "Quit Your Job").  The personalized twist is that this band is comprised of adults, and the anxiety of actually having a life and knowing what responsibilities mean infuses a special depth, and a knowing wit, to the songs.

Check out "Stop Having Fun" --

I like a lot of different types of music, but I've always maintained that high quality punk is one of the most critical components to a good music collection.  And it is a special treat when it is performed by skilled musicians who understand the genre.  If you like punk, you like Wimps.

Wimps are David Ramm (drums), Rachel Ratner (vocals/guitar) and Mutty Nice (bass/vocals).

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