Friday, February 22, 2013

New Spanish Hard Rock Discovery: Bullitt - So Many Ways

Echoes of the Wallflowers, Foo Fighters and '70s hard rock cascade throughout Bullitt's latest record, So Many Ways. Bullitt is a foursome from Sant Feliu with Xavier Calvet on vocals - while the music is fairly straightforward hard rock, his vocals are reminiscent of the emo of artists like Promise Ring - it's an interesting combination. As an example of the melange, check out "Back to the End":

They have incorporated violins and keyboards, but on the final 3-4 songs of the record, they return to what I am told is their previous form and rock very hard. Here's "Headblower":

This is an exhilarating listen - if you like melodic hard rock, it's worth your time to check out. Unlike some of the great Spanish stuff I've shared from BCore, these cats sing everything in English - so if that's been a barrier to you (it certainly isn't to me) - don't let it stop you this time.

Bullitt at BCore Disc

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