Saturday, February 23, 2013

Introducing: Lost Weekend

Singapore's Lost Weekend plays a shimmering, jangly indie pop that is charming and infectious.  And they are offering six of their demos in Introducing ... Lost Weekend free on their Bandcamp site.  I recommend that you accept the generous gesture from Ribena, Mark, Arif, and Manny.  Sure, they are demos so there are a few ragged edges.  But the music is good and the price can't be beat.  In a few years when someone asks if you've heard of the great "new" band Lost Weekend, you can reply that your regularly listen to their demos from the early years.

Your test drive is "Mornings" --

If that works for you, here is the entire EP --

And thanks to Keith Tan of Obedient Wives Club for introducing When You Motor Away to Lost Weekend so that we can introduce them to you.  Musicians looking after their fellow musicians -- we applaud it!


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